Sawmills in the province of Soria and Burgos create a central order management and timber sales warranty seal Pino Burgos Soria
20 February 2009
The initiative, promoted by the Center for Forestry Services and Promotion of Industry and Castilla y León (Cesefor), and based on five sawmills in the provinces of Soria and Burgos,aims to give service and product quality to their customers based on the value proposition that Brand Guarantee Pino Burgos Soria obtains the product completes its offer with a setof services according to customers' needs. "Sustainability and Technical Wood SL" intends, with the expertise of its five partners, to publicize a product and service asappreciated and valued in the region as pinariega wood to other areas of our country. These five companies, Timber Miguel Barrio, Rupérez Timber, Timber Palacios, timberMary and Timbers Pascual Vinuesa, seek to unify their productive potential and their quality product to give a greater response to great works and to address a more competitivethe construction market in wood. SL Sotecma also belong to the group of companies Brand Guarantee Pino Soria-Burgos, whose mark of quality ownership rests with Cesefor haswith PEFC certified sustainable forest management and CE marking in its sawmills.