The International Model Forest Network, is quoted in Peñaranda de Duero
25 June 2009
The Castilla y Leon joined the network this natural area of 100,000 hectares, comprising 35 municipalities, 15 of Burgos and Soria 20. The Director General of Natural Environment, José Ángel Arranz, participating in this conference, noted that the experience of what we now call "Sustainable development" which is nothing other than what they have been doing for centuries the people of this area to live, generation after generation, of the forest resources, it is exportable to other areas.

The Sierra de Urbión part of the Iberoamerican Model Forest Network, but this meeting is to lay the groundwork for what will be the Mediterranean Network, which aims to liaise with the European network. Fernando Carrera, manager of the Red Iberoamericana which is integrated in Castilla y Leon, believes this is a natural interesting contribution to this network, formed mostly by countries in the Americas.

At an international forum to be held in June in Canada, the project will consolidate the establishment of the Mediterranean Network. Your host will be Brian Bonnell, head of the International Model Forest Network, who appreciated the interest shown by the Junta de Castilla y Leon with those efforts, and especially for having created the first model forest in Spain with the Model Forest Urbia Bonnell emphasized in a meeting involving many countries, regions and representatives responsible for forestry activities in the Mediterranean because it can be very productive for the development of the concept in these countries and to enrich the Web.