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Governmental and representation entities include the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the president and the manager.

The General Assembly is the supreme governmental authority within the Association and it is constituted by all members. The Board of Directors has all the powers of the association, with the exception of those that require specific authorization from the general assembly, according to the Articles of Association. It is constituted, at least, of:

2 representatives of local entities of Burgos.

2 representatives of local entities of Soria.

1 representative of the timber committees.

1 representative of the sectorial associations of the timber industry.

1 representative of Cesefor.

Representatives of other sectors.

The president is the legal representative of the association in all all kinds of public and private organizations.

The manager is responsible for the execution and implementation of policies and actions delineated by the general assembly or the board of directors entusted to such Committee in order to achieve the goals of the association.
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